The “K” Project

A Vivanta experience

Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka, India

Project Type: Installation and Experience design

Curators: Pranali Daundker and Sachin Puthran

Challenge: To transform a 60 feet passage into an engaging space.

The Thought: The passage was identified as an ideal surface to illustrate 6 dohas (lyrical verses) of Kabir as it connected to a restaurant “INDUS EXPRESS” that served undivided India’s finest dishes from Lahore, Amritsar, and Khyber.

Kabir Wall

A long wall with 6 Kabir’s Doha’s completely handcrafted with calligraphy and illustrations. Each Doha had an English translation and transcription with a visual to illustrate the meaning of each Doha.
The mockup was generated using 3D software

• Custom Calligraphy
Handwritten Doha in Devanagari script

• Custom Illustration
Miniature painting style illustrations

• Fabrication
Acrylic hexagonal boxes with LED lights

• Actual Installation
Implementation on site

The Audio Lounge

An audio lounge to sink into the magical songs sung by Sufi artists. The audio pod was designed to match the faceted architecture of the hotel.

• The Final Space

The walls were clad with a linen cloth and embellished with Copper metal triangles to give a mix of rustic and modern look.

Launch Booklet

We also created a booklet that was inspired by the hexagonal panels of the installation. This was then produced as a printed booklet for the launch.

• The Final Booklet

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