Traveling Cinema

Project Type: Installation and film
Client: Rivulis Irrigation Pvt. Ltd.
Problem: Drip irrigation was the need of the hour since there was water shortage everywhere.  But there were many players offering this solution of drip -irrigation and Rivulis needed to stand out from the crowd. The most effective way of communication was conducting road shows where a van used to travel to the villages and educate the farmer and most of the time with an audiovisual.
Solution: We proposed the idea of traveling cinema an informative and engaging film projected onto a 180 screen which is portable. All the equipment required for the whole experience can fit inside a van. The experience will also include sound design with surround sound. The whole rig which will house the screens will be constructed in such a way that it can be assembled by two people in under twenty minutes. And this will serve as a crowd puller and give more mileage to their marketing efforts.
Film: covered the following, the problems faced by the farmer. Rivulis Irrigations’ solutions and the success stories on Rivulis irrigation implementation.

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