Connextions is our online creative learning platform that connects MENTORS with LEARNERS on a variety of ART forms like VISUAL ART, MUSIC & PERFORMING ARTS. This platform is open to all age groups and interests who wish to get a one-on-one interactive live in-person learning experience. The MENTORS provide instant tips, assignments, and challenges and review them with students


We make learning fun and contributing.


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All the arts - visual art, music, and performing arts will save the human race

-Pete Seeger



New-age learning is experiential. We start with a problem. Start an exploration into the process of discovery. Work backward and reach the core. The essence. The fundamentals. Then we build this knowledge into a creative expression.


We have courses for Professionals, Art Students, Hobbyists, and for Corporates. We have practicing professionals as MENTORS. We create custom study material and workshops as per the learner's needs. and yes! there are no pre-recorded videos. Everything is live.


Connextions will award a completion certificate after the successful completion of the course and evaluation of the student's work.


So go ahead and participate in these fun workshops.



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