Thatz it is an eclectic team of creative talent, that produces integrated campaigns using a mix of film, animation, design and technology. As a Creative Partner, we work closely on innovative projects with brands like Vivanta by Taj, Asian Paints, Columbia Asia, The Leela, Art Chennai and more.

We'd like to showcase some of our case studies and recent projects across various verticals, and we hope that you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed creating them.
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  Bizz the Hotel, is a boutique hotel with modern amenities and caters to business travellers who look for business facilities and luxury stay. This brand represents surprises for the business travelers that vows them with a high level of service levels. Bizz promises to deliver the best at all times.

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CASE STUDY - Vivanta by Taj, Instalife
  Vivanta by Taj delivers premium hotel experiences with imagination, energy & efficiency. It's the flavour of contemporary luxury, laced with cool informality and the charming Taj hospitality. Vivanta revels in a spirit that presents the normal with an unexpected twist. Instalife is an unique experience that was created using analog photography manifested into a space installation design and a custom microsite.

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CASE STUDY - Art Chennai
  Art Chennai is the largest festival of modern and contemporary art in India. Art Chennai provides a platform that inspires debate, art appreciation and investment like never before.

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CASE STUDY - ExplorIndya
  Explorindya is a travel designing company that believes in preserving the Planet. Their travel design aims at sharing the passion for travel and discovery, while continuously creating a sense of regional ecological awareness, the showcasing of ethic and tribal lives, ancient regional art-craft forms and efforts to sustain the livelihoods that depend on them. True to their positioning, our technology and design team create a customised automated module for a unique web based itinerary planning.

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CASE STUDY - Chrome Pictures
  Chrome Pictures was founded in 2004 by young and enterprising entrepreneurs Hemant Bhandari, Amit Sharma and Aleya Sen Sharma. They built their reputation through excellence, innovation and creativity. They were looking for a website that reflects their brand personality. The team at Thatzit developed a custom interface that matches the profile and personality of the company.

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CASE STUDY - Marathon Futurex
  The Marathon group was founded in 1969 and has till now provided homes for more than 4000 families, retail space for 400 retailers and offices for 350 businesses with over 80 projects delivered. One such new project was Marathon Futurex, in the business capital Mumbai. Our film team crafted this film with meticulous details and finesse.

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CASE STUDY - Zandu Pancharishta
  Emami Limited is one of the leading and fastest growing personal and healthcare businesses in India, with an enviable brand called Zandu Pancharishta is a unique Ayurvedic Digestive Tonic enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients. Squirkle productions produced the film and our VFX team created the entire CG sets and compositing to create a clean film.

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Recent Projects
Instalife Gallery - Installation of Bioscope & Typo wall
  Introducing the magic of Analog photography where the guests at the Vivanta Gurgaon can click pictures with the provided analogue cameras and preview the same through the bioscope. The same images can be seen on a microsite that captures the analog experience of capturing the places and moments around Delhi and Gurgaon.

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Project Care - Virtual environment through VFX
  Squirkle Productions shot a film against a chroma background. A realistic 3D environment of a bridge and city lights were then created by our 3D animators, and was composited with the live shoot with parallax effect.

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The Gateway Explore Map
  For its launch of new properties, our graphic design team created an illustrated map that blends well with the brand language. The map was then packaged in an interesting envelope to suit the Pop-Art style layout.

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Vivanta by Taj, Whitefield Bangalore - Pinwheel
  To launch the Installation Art Gallery titled 'The Great Escape', this collateral in the form of a turn-down card was designed, to invite the guests to view some unique technology-driven installation art exhibits titled as Speaking Tree, Catch Me If You Can, Eco Soul and Signs of Life.

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Brand Logos
  When it comes to creating unique brand identities, our design team thinks multi-platform and creates logos that translate well across various media, be it films, website, print, events and interactive.

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Emami City - Walkthrough
  Squirkle Productions scripted a walkthrough for a prestigious real estate client. Our 3D modelling and texturing team created an exciting, one-of-a-kind, multi-layered cinematic look for the walkthrough.

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Asian Paints - SmartCare
  Dramatized role play & demonstration videos for the launch of a new range of products: A comprehensive four-day shoot that involved capturing the testing and application procedures of a new range of products launched by Asian Paints, which was then weaved into a scripted role play scenario to create a connect with the target audience. The film also included simple, stylized animation to highlight product features.

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Vivanta by Taj, Coorg - Secrets of a Rainforest microsite
  The 180 acres of rainforest property had many interesting facets that the client wanted to reveal like a secret. Our technology team developed a feature that allows loading sound and images of the forest based on the system time. The entire design was customised to break the regular blog-like approach.
24 Tirthankars - A 3D Stereography Project for Ujjain Museum
  Based on the research provided, our 3D team modelled the 24 Tirthankars and generated particle system-based environments and rendered for true stereoscopic 3D projection and viewing experience.

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Vivanta by Taj, Coorg - Conservatory
  An old hut was transformed internally into a conservatory depicting the rich history, livery, folk tales, flora-fauna and artefacts of the Coorg culture. The project involved space design, installation, illustrations and execution at location.

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Shobhana Desai Productions - Theatrical Logo Animation
  The animation team executed a beautiful logo formation that was inspired by an amalgamation of fire and water, which was rendered at cinematic resolution for theatrical projection. The highlight was the realistic simulation of water and fire.

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Vivanta by Taj, Connemara, Chennai - Living Wall
  This installation narrates the legacy and history of the Imperial times and the impact of Lord Connemara in shaping Madras into the thriving megapolis now known as Chennai. Our Installation team created 3D models, etched historic maps and presented the entire wall as a story from history.

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